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Meet The CEO/Chairman of Biocurrent

Andrew Blount


Andrew Blount started life in a single wide trailer writing computer software, he was 6 years old, before he even learned how to speak. He started his first tech company when he was 8 years old. More recently, he served as the mayor of Laguna Hills, California and he was an Executive Officer of a ten billion dollar, publicly traded company, leading employees in four continents. 


While successful in business, his lifestyle was sedentary, which wasn’t good for his health. Despite watching what he ate, he weighed over 270 pounds (122 kilos). As well, For ten years, ha had a synovial cyst on his spinal cord. The pain was so severe, he was prescribed ludicrous amounts of medications including 120mg a day of Oxycodone, muscle relaxers, cortisone steroid shots, Xanax, Vyvanse.

Covid is the only monster draining Andrew’s life, he also suffered from blood-sugar problems, obesity, depression and a debilitating synovial cyst on his spinal cord. Faced with no viable healthcare options, Andrew drew upon his forty years of computer software development experience combined with extensive research into quantum mechanics, electricity and electromagnetic forces to design Biocurrent.  Andews hypothesis was that he could quantitatively analyze the power supply in a persons body  then use artificial intelligence to generate personalized energy packages capable of restoring your power supply optional levels.  His hypothesis proved true. Today, Andrew is in excellent health, his organs once ravaged by Covid are healed, and his back problems have disappeared including the destruction of the cyst. Plus, he is 100 pounds lighter!

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Meet The Team

Quynh Nguyen


Quynh studied at Hanoi University of Science and Technology majoring in Information Technology.


In 2010, Quynh started working at FPT Software company specializing in front-end and back-end software development across a variety of platforms and code bases.


Jose Becerra

Jose completed his schooling in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. He started working in the tourism industry where he learned to speak English fluently.


Jose's passion for technology lead to an apprenticeship under Edgar Gonzalez, a locally renowned Engineer in Puerto Vallarta. Under this apprenticeship Jose learned all aspects of technology platform management.

Karmina Mendoza


Karmina started her law career by attending the prestigious University of Guadalajara.  Even before graduating, she started working as a Judge Assistant under the command and leadership of Honorable judge Damian Campos.


After working 11 years in the criminal legal system she transitioned to the Civil Court system in Puerto Vallarta. 

Carlos Miranda


Carlos attended law school from The University of Guadalajara. He has extensive experience working in the Mexican law system specializing in criminal court under the command of Honorable Judge Damian Campos.

In 2014, Carlos chose to make a career change and took some time off from the legal system. Carlos helped launch the Butler service at Hotel Mousai (considered to be the best hotel in Puerto Vallarta). He was recognized as the best butler and employee of the year for several years.

Arnie Ramirez


Arnie worked as a supervisor at an oil company based in Cuba, where he also worked for research and development company for oceanic oil extraction.

Arnie also served as an army soldier for the Cuban Army, where he was trained in the martial arts of Krav Maga.


Once he moved to Mexico he worked as an independent contractor for companies that required his expertise as a Geophysics Engineer. In his spare time, Arnie continues to train others in the skill of Krav Maga.

Lulu Lopez


Lulu received her degree in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico .


Throughout her career she has worked in a variety of capacities in the tourism industry including laundry staff, House keeper, and retail salesperson.  Lulu also created her own network of cleaning services providing cleaning services to private home owners in the Puerto Vallarta marketplace.

Maury Lopez


Maury did her schooling in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, where she received her high school diploma.


Maury has a long-standing reputation in the local marketplace,  working as a nanny, and daycare provider. She also worked as a secretary and debt collector for the waste management municipal company.

Chimi Gutierrez


Chimi has held a variety of service-industry jobs throughout his career. Some examples of his experience include; commercial driver, salesman, delivery driver, tech support, and route coordinator for the city of Puerto Vallarta.  

Chimi also worked as a Chef at Hotel Garza Blanca for 4 years where he learned different cooking techniques and cuisine dishes from all over the world and is considered to be one of the best chefs in Puerto Vallarta.


"I experienced first hand the savage damage caused by Covid.  At a loss for other alternatives to improve my health and with only months left to live, I garnered my strength from my steadfast faith in God, making it my singular mission to invent a way to heal millions of people, including myself."

Inventor and Founder, Andrew Blount

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